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Ride Faroese Ponies 
with Fjallaross

Horseback riding with a mission to save a breed

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Who We Are

Fjallaross is a Faroese word which translates to 'Mountain Pony' and refers to the Faroese Pony living in the mountains. It is also the name of our company which aims to educate, experience and share this amazing and one-of-a-kind breed with people living in and visiting the Faroe Islands. 

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Why choose Fjallaross?

Fjallaross is the only company in the Faroe Islands that lets you ride a Faroese Pony in the wild Faroese Nature. Let detailed knowledge about this ancient Faroese horse-breed blow you away and immerse yourself in the fascinating history surrounding it. We believe in keeping the ponies in their natural habitat and interfere as little with their physique as possible. This is why at Fjallaross you will be riding on "bare-back" (without saddles) and learn that the ponies can thrive without the use of horseshoes. 

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Horseback Riding Tours

Experience Faroese nature on Faroese Ponies

The Mountain Experience

1.5 Hour

800kr per person

If you enjoy having unique and exciting experiences, our Mountain Experience Tour is the perfect opportunity for you. The tour is the perfect introduction to riding and for people who have some prior riding experience.

The group rides around the mountain of Lambafelli near Tórshavn on set trails. This package includes special riding equipment (pants, helmet and jacket) and a brief lesson on horsemanship and the Faroese Nature before the riding commences.

Transport to Lambafelli from Tórshavn is available at 100kr per person (return trip). Maximum group of 4 people.

Some of the most special moments are created on horseback.


Conquer the Mountains
2 Hours

1100kr per person

If you are used to being on horseback and want to see and learn more about wild side of the Faroe Islands then this private group tour is for you! This tour expands on the 'Mountain Experience Tour' and teaches you special tricks about how to ride a Faroese Pony, it goes a little bit further off the beaten path and lets see just a little bit more of the untamed Faroese nature.


Transport to Lambafelli from Tórshavn is available at 100kr per person (return trip). Maximum group of 4 people.

Get ready to create some unforgettable memories!


Custom Tours

Please Enquire

Treat yourself, your family, friends or colleges to a one-of-a-kind adventure you’ll never forget. Our private tours can be specially tailored to suit any level of riding experience and lets you enjoy the moment just the way you want it. 
This package is perfect for anyone wanting to make their workplace outing or polterabend a extra bit special.

Hear the story of the Faroese Pony


Those who want a look at the Faroese Pony, but wish to stay on the ground, can visit Lambafelli and listen to the dramatic story of the ponies, with the opportunity to see and touch them.
The tour includes a hot bevarage and something sweet in typical Faroese manner.

Home: Current Specials

But before you book
Please make sure that

1 ) You bring the right amount of cash as we don't carry change. No credit card available.

2 ) Ensure that all people booking this tour sit below the 85kg weight limit.

3 ) Please read the FAQ below and see a map of the exact meeting location and address below in the 'Contact' field at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is anyone able to go on a riding trip?

Horseback riding is an activity suitable for most people, whether your a beginner or and experienced rider. Because of the nature of the activity and the physique of the ponies, you need to be able-bodied and weigh no more than 85 kg in order to participate. We also ask that all people joining us on this tour recognize the inherent risks involved in riding and handling horses and that all participants undertake the activities at their own risk.

How do we pay you?

At this point in time we only accept cash-in-hand on the day of the riding.

Private bookings only

Please note that we do not accept booking from travel agents or tourism organisations.

Our website is in English but we're happy to receive enquiries written in Faroese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic as well as English. 

What happens if the weather is bad?

The Faroese summer weather is fairly consistant in temperature and rainfall, but the weather can however change very quickly. Always dress for cold weather when getting ready for your riding experience as the climate on Lambafelli is noticeably colder than it is in Tórshavn. If the weather is too bad for riding, we will contact you and reschedule.

Who will be our tour-guide?

Tours will be conducted by either Anna Louisa Joensen, who is the owner of the ponies in Fjallaross and the frontrunner of project aiming to save the Faroese Pony breed. Tours will also be conducted by Christina Joensen who has great knowledge about the Faroese Ponies, has studied science and the environment and been around these horses since childhood. Christina also has great expertise in Faroese nature and has been involved in several Faroese research projects.

Home: FAQ

An amazing outdoor horseback riding experience! Stunning scenery, beautiful horses, and perfect trails for all levels. Anna Louisa is a friendly and knowledgeable guide and we had a fantastic time.

Highly recommend!

Michael Leone


Meeting the Faroese horses and riding them in the breathtaking Faroese nature was an amazing authentic experience that touched my soul. Thank you Louisa and team for your kindness, knowledge, and effort to save these beautiful animals and providing us with such a wonderful experience.

Merete Mærsk 


We had a very special time with Louisa and the horses. I tell all my friends about the wonderful experience being that close to the Faroese Ponies in the Faroe Islands. I look forward to our next trip, and me.. a bit afraid of horses.. with these ponies its just easy!

Dorte Rørmann

Home: Testimonials

Den Færøeske hest
The Faroese Pony

In 2008, Søren Ryge Petersen collaborated with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), the oldest and largest broadcasting organization in Denmark, to create a documentary about the Faroese pony. This insightful film explores the pony's origins, its native land, and the dedicated efforts of those striving to protect this endangered species. With several thousand views, the video comes highly recommended.


Søren Ryge Petersen, a distinguished Danish television and radio host, has gained renown for his significant contributions to the fields of gardening and horticulture. Over multiple decades, he has been a prominent and beloved figure in Danish media.

His television and radio programs encompass a wide array of topics, including gardening, nature, and cultural history. Søren Ryge Petersen's amiable and captivating demeanor has endeared him to Danish audiences.

Home: About Us
Home: Contact

Contact Us

If you would like to book one of our tours or have a question, please feel free to send us an email.

Tour Location: Lambafelli, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

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